#11: JB Part II – The Meteor Shower

We decided to go to the same hill we didn’t really hike up on our first date and watch the meteor shower that peaked that night. He wanted to explore some local towns with me during the day, but I had to work thank goodness. I’m still a little nervous about spending too much non-sexy time with him. I don’t want anyone to get hurt here. Anyway, I brought some snacks for us, which was going to be enough of a dinner for me, but probably not for him, so he stopped and got a sub from Subway on his way into town. EW.

We met at 8pm, the sun was still out. He brought a bouldering pad for us to lay on and “watch the stars”. It was enormous. I was very skeptical. But he brought it anyway. I brought a blanket (and snacks). As we got to the trailhead three mountain bikers were coming down and stopped to chat. One of them asked us if we were doing an overnight on the hill, I said yes, and told them there was a meteor shower that night and we were going to watch it. They were all pretty jazzed about it. Coincidentally, the guy who was asking me questions was a guy that I matched and texted with a little on Bumble and REALLY wanted to meet in person. He is an artist nearby and a total athletic superman. SO DREAMY. I don’t think he recognized me. He also matched with a friend of mine and she said their messaging fizzled fast. I am still hoping that he gets in touch with me about an art project he’s been thinking about, but we’ll see. I mean what are the odds of that? That guy is definitely relationship material, however in my current state of mind, I am not, so it’s probably a good thing that we are not in contact currently. So, tonight, I was with Mr. Right Now and very content with that fact.

We hiked up, much farther than we did the first time. We still only went about a mile, talked the whole time. About what, I have no fucking clue. Oh, I think we talked about food. He doesn’t like mustard and pickled things, but likes actual pickles. He found a spot, we set our stuff down, had some snacks, talked for hours and watched the sky. I kept waiting for him to kiss me. It took a while. Finally, he got cozy with me and I turned to him and said hi. He grabbed my waist and kissed me. We made out for a while. It was cold. He lifted up my shirt a little and pulled my bra down (not sure why down and not up, but it was cold so maybe that’s why). He spent some time on my left boob, just my left one. Poor righty felt neglected. Then he started to rub my clit. It took him forever to go there, I was already so wet with anticipation. Eventually he took my pants off, which required him to take my hiking boots off. Then he just camped down there for a while. He fingered me while he licked and rubbed my clit, the combo felt incredible. If he stayed down there a little longer, he very well could have made me cum. But he was already down there for quite some time, and I was ready for him to fuck me. So he re-emerged, I kissed him and asked if he brought a condom and he said of course.

HAZA!! (never said that before, but I feel like this situation calls for it!) Finally, a guy that has no problem with condoms! That just made me more excited. He’s on top of me, kissing me, and I am rubbing his boner and balls through his pants and now we are both ready to go. He put the condom on, got on his knees and we had some pretty good sex. He is definitely smaller than Carlito and Bicycle Bob, and thank goodness for that. I think he is long and skinny, but it was so dark I couldn’t see anything. He was a little excited himself and had to stop a couple times and go slow. Then, while I’m still moving around and he told me that he already came! I was like WHAAAAAAAAAA?! He was so quiet about it. We got dressed so fast because it was very cold. Then we cuddled and watched the stars and fell asleep.

MALE READERS: Proceed past this point with caution. You probably will not want to hear any of this, but it’s life, and it’s my life, so I feel like I have to share. No matter how embarrassing it is.

There is some kind of link between high altitude and gas in human beings. It happens to be so true for me. I can’t drink beer anymore because it makes me bloated and so fucking gassy. I’m not sure what I ate but after having sex my stomach was so upset and I was so gassy. He could hear the noises that my stomach was making. And when I fell asleep I stopped being able to control the other end of things. So I would fart and it would wake me up because I was already on edge. It was mortifying. He didn’t say anything, but we were spooning, so it must have woken him up as well.

Ok, back to sexier things, almost… 3:30 and I can’t sleep. My stomach hurts and I am so fucking cold. JB is cold as well and he makes the call to head home, so we pack up and hike down. I’ve never hiked in the dark before, it was pretty fun I just wish my stomach didn’t feel like it was incubating a bowling ball.

We chatted in the parking lot a little, kissed a little more and talked about our upcoming schedules. Hoping to see each other before I start traveling for the month of June. I asked him to text me when he got home so I didn’t think he fell asleep at the wheel. I got home at 5. He got home at 5:45. All in all it was a pretty nice night.

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