#2: Captain America

It took me a couple weeks, a few new text crushes and one new dating app to get over the debacle that was Tinder Ken. I joined Bumble from a recommendation by a man I work with who is surprisingly tuned in for a married father… I flirted with a lot of guys via text who had no intention of meeting me in person, and as soon as I said no to sending them naked pictures of myself they peaced-out. So I put my co-workers in charge of my online dating life for a couple weeks. They went through all of my Tinder matches and picked their favorites, 4 out of 42.

And I sent each of them the same message:

It’s a slow day in the office, and you’re the no. 1 favorite match amongst my co-workers, want to go out on a date with all 5 of us? Two are married tho.

I got one response that day, texting with him fizzled out fast (and he recently liked me again on Bumble…) I got another response one month later – we have messaged a little, yet another month later and still no date to be set. I think this guy likes the slow burn.

I was being a little cynical by sending 4 guys the same message, but I was playing the numbers game, which is what I think Tinder actually is – cast a wide net and see what you can catch.


I was getting really tired of Tinder and hadn’t been on Bumble a whole lot and was seriously considering deleting both of them and giving it a rest for a while, then as if on cosmic que I got a Tinder match notification quickly followed by a message. Not only was this guy super cute, but he messaged me right away asking if I skied that day and what I was up to that night. Super hot move! I like to be pursued and this was a good start. We messaged, I flirted, he flirted and invited me over. If he wasn’t so far away, I might have just gone right over.

The frustrating thing about Tinder is that the distance listed is the shortest mileage between the two parties, not the actual driving distance. Living in the mountains this can be very deceiving. He was 30 miles away, but you have to go around the hills, so it was a 2-hour drive. We texted, got each other all hot and bothered, and once he realized how far away I actually was (I knew the whole time) we started to get to know one another. We wouldn’t meet, but kept it open, so if I’m ever in NYC I can text him. I am seriously considering it. This is what he sent me when he got home from his last night out on vacation:

Captain America: Hey

Me: Hey Captain America. Good night?

Captain America: Yeah. Just got into bed.

Sorry we couldn’t meet.

Me: It was a far way to travel for a stranger.

Captain America: I know but still

I wish you were laying next to me so you could just give me a nice kiss.

Me: mmm that sounds nice.


He was definitely a little douchy but also kind of sweet and sooo hot. He thought I was sexy, which is never an adjective I would use to describe myself and I would put money on the fact that he would be great in bed. For future reference (how very optimistic I am) he’ll be our Captain America, because he looks like him and I just assume he has a heart of gold. 😉


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